A Journey To The Heart

A sincere attempt to metaphorically describe a person’s spiritual journey that brings him to realise things about his own self and those of his uninitiated thoughts…



The seven seas I crossed,
The seven sins I conquered,
‘twas not a desert I found,
‘twas paradise.

The lifelong voyage,
Brought delusions myriad,
Of lies and truth,
Of seeds and fruit.

‘twas paradise that I stepped onto,
Fields of green that I looked onto,
Gardens of blossom,
Giving nectar from its bosom.

The birds canvassing the heavens,
With their hues sober and  bright.
Critters scattered here and there,
Settling with their kith and kind.

‘twas paradise that I stepped onto,
Where the planets and stars mark the sky,
Where the rivers flush to lands unknown,
Where you and I can paint the sky.
Beyond the beauty of virtues and vice,
Beyond the plains of truth and lies,
I found my heart,
And I stepped onto paradise…


A Historic Victory for Gujarat


The firebrand Gujarat leader, while seeking the blessings of the people of Gujarat, after the election results were declared, said, “My next five years will be dedicated to the betterment of my people”. Narendra Modi has indeed emerged victorious following his motto of “Good Governance and Development”.

Ever since he took the role of a leader in Gujarat from 2001, the state has paved its way of rapid economic development. The launch of “Vibrant Gujarat-The Global Investors Summit” in 2003 has served as a wonderful investment opportunity platform for the state, also exposing its culture and art to the world. Modi’s style of politics is against all status quo as he believes in destroying all establishments which worked for elites and make the system common people friendly. Challenging the Centre to compete with Gujarat in the arena of development he said,” if Centre provides 0ne crore employment to unemployed youth in the country, I will generate one crore employment for the youth of Gujarat.” The state has not only economically progressed, but has also developed in the sphere of technology, education and human resource.

As the Minister , time and again clarifies his focus to be the 6 crore Gujaratis , the people of the state. One can defiantly relate such belongingness to humanity to be a unique dimension adopted by him. And it is not surprising that the Gujarat government in 2011 had a brush with spirituality, when more than 190 ministers, bureaucrats, senior state secretaries, district collectors and district development officers led by CM Narendra Modi, participated in an Art of Living programme.“I laud Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for beautifully presenting our ancient heritage of yoga and meditation to cater to our modern needs. The three day programme was indeed very beneficial. I feel healthier and am now stress-free,” said an official. “It was definitely a unique experience of my life which has made me more creative, energetic and optimistic. It will definitely enhance my success in work and help me serve people in a better way. I would recommend this workshop to every human being,” added another participant. Many participants stated that they experienced a transformation and were determined to regularly practice the techniques they had learned. Mr.Modi also actively participated when H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was on a visit to Gujarat to grace the Diwali celebrations – Deepotsav – between October 25 and October 31.

“A law is necessary (to tackle graft). However, a law alone cannot check corruption. A moral and spiritual wave has to be created (to deal with the issue),” says Sri Sri. Following so, the Chief Minister organised various AOL workshops in the state, getting thousands of youngsters into action towards a brighter future. He is indeed an epitome of a great and responsible leader showing commitment and compassion for his people and it is not too difficult to see that Modi presents to the urban Indian electorate, an alternative leadership capable of leading the country out of its morass.

– Toral Parmar

TRANSFORMERS- Transform yourself and others :D :D

Winter Mornings, Foggy Dew and What could be better than knowing real You..
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A Reason to Apologise

It’s strange, isn’t it? Even though we know that we have been wrong, that we’ve made a mistake or have let people down; we still “try” to ‘save our face’?

When we already are already dealing with guilt because of the damage that our words or actions have caused, what do we lose by making an honest and meaningful apology?  Even if we escape now or deny our wrong doing, there always is a chance that the skeleton will fall out of the cupboard at some point in the future.

But then why do we apologise? There’s always a possibility of being punished, having to break out of your relationship and having to pay emotionally, mentally, physically or even financially.

We may offer apologies for misunderstanding or ignoring facts, making assumptions, deliberately hurting someone who trusts us, breaking a promise, letting someone down or for being downright selfish.  The reasons may be myriad and may also be a combination of any of the aforementioned ones.  We feel rough and uneasy when we make mistakes or do something that wasn’t right and it is for this very reason we apologise.

So why say sorry? Saying sorry deepens a relationship in several ways. It builds trust, prevents the deterioration of the relationship, removes any kind of awkwardness (the kind of feeling when you don’t know what to say to the other person and you tend to avoid talking to him/her). The best reason according to me is that you get a clear conscience, which helps you to sleep soundly. It also reduces the drama and also restores your self-respect.

As Craig Silvey puts it up :

“Sorry means you feel the pulse of other people’s pain as well as your own, and saying it means you take a share of it. And so it binds us together, makes us trodden and sodden as one another. Sorry is a lot of things. It’s a hole refilled. A debt repaid. Sorry is the wake of misdeed. It’s the crippling ripple of consequence. Sorry is sadness, just as knowing is sadness. Sorry is sometimes self-pity. But Sorry, really, is not about you. It’s theirs to take or leave.

Sorry means you leave yourself open, to embrace or to ridicule or to revenge.Sorry is a question that begs forgiveness, because the metronome of a good heart won’t settle until things are set right and true. Sorry doesn’t take things back, but it pushes things forward. It bridges the gap. Sorry is a sacrament. It’s an offering. A gift.”



Beyond the beauty of truth and lies,

Beyond the pains of expectations and disappointments,

There lies a place

A place filled with an emotion so powerful

A place full of love and gratitude.


Transcend the field we play in now,

Competing against one another

Pulling the other down

Where is the room to grow,

If you exhaust yourself this way?


Seek a place,

Where the grass is green

And the heart is clean.

Where you find your abode.

It is there that you will find me.

A Small Tribute To YES!+ by Satiksha Lohia

With the upcoming mega workshops, YES!+ Kolkata volunteers are at an all time high. The energy is unbelievable! Over 200 youngsters have already registered for these awesome workshops. Needless to say our volunteers, overwhelmed with enthusiasm, are expressing themselves on social media platforms to reach out to as many as their friends as they can. I went sneaking around on facebook to look for beautiful messages like this one. This one is by Satiksha Lohia, a very bright, young YES!+ Volunteer. She invites the youth of Kolkata to the workshops in a cute poetic way. Read On:-

No action is good or bad
All have their consequences
which you have to face
No event is good or bad
All have an impact
which make your base

Take a few minutes and look back to the series of events
We worry
We care
We doubt
We dare
Get excited
Feel cheated
Get hated
And then something is needed 😀
We look for ways out
And choose one even when in doubt!
We blame life for the way things go
And start believing that it can’t be in flow

Similar was my case
And had spoiled my base 🙂

For life gave me a chance to smile,
But had never waited for a while

Then some time later I found something better 😀
My life took a sharp turn
I had so much more to learn

Life flowed with grace
And everything seemed to fall in place
Miracles followed my way
And I smiled throughout the day 😀
It gave me reasons to celebrate every moment
Giving a new look at every event!

So many experiences, so little space

In short, all I would like to say
Its time for you to choose your way
All your worries, must you drop
Take a while and do this workshop 🙂


Not only Satiksha but we, the entire YES!+ Kolkata team, invite everyone to participate in these upcoming workshops! See you there!


Date: 19th to 23rd December

Time: 06:30 hrs- 09:30 hrs (Morning batch), 17:30 hrs-20:30 hrs (Evening Batch)

Workshops will take place in both North and South Kolkata! 😀


For South Kolkata: Akshay – 9836588960, Pooja – 9836157025

For North Kolkata: Shampa- 7278263511 , Niharika – 8017990743




There is a right time and then there is a wrong time. What is important? Being patient. When I am watching Kung Fu Panda on T.V. then it is not the right time to come and talk to me about Sec 66 of the IT Act. I am going to shoo you off! Wait for the right moment if you want to have an intellectual discourse with me.

Our lack of patience is a fatal flaw. Let’s wait for the right moment! So many times we put in a lot of effort but all of it seems to be futile. And then we give up! And then all that effort actually goes to waste. All that was required was to wait for the right moment. What is the point of becoming disheartened and stressing out over something when we clearly know that ”only time will tell”?

Consider the following situation:

You’ve been in love with a girl for ages (assuming you’re a guy). But she’s been in a relationship for ages. And you’ve gotten as far as the friendzone.

Miracle! She finally dumps her boyfriend. Do you:

a) go and tell her how you feel about her?
b) be a good friend and support her? And when she is happy and grateful then you tell her how you feel about her!

If your answer is (b) then congratulations! You can wait! You have patience. There’s, of course, no guarantee that you’ll be rewarded for your patience in this case. But you should celebrate this quality in you. Most guys can’t wait!

But jokes apart, we see our generation is extremely restless. We wan’t the best of everything and NOW! That’s why a lot of writers refer to us as the fast food generation.

Be it the results of an exam, or an interview call or anything else. We shouldn’t feel negative (or in some cases, start celebrating) before the results are out! And even after the results, maybe we didn’t succeed but it doesn’t mean that we should give up. We need to continue putting in effort and wait for the moment when the effort pays off. And I’ll say, there’s a right moment to drop all efforts as well.

Here’s something interesting:

” I’ve been doing meditation everyday for the past 2 months. Nothing happened! It’s a waste of time.”

This happens all the time. With every fresh YES!+ graduate. Some are even more frustrated because they have also been attending weekly satsangs and still see nothing happen. First of all, what were you expecting? Secondly, it takes more time than a month or two and maybe even more. Something is happening even now. But its too subtle. Like the earth’s rotation. You don’t feel it happening. But in 24 hours, a whole day has passed! So be patient and wait. Just keep it up.

And I need a bit more patience as well. You can see, I didn’t spend much time in editing this one. But hey! If you read it to the very end then congratulations! You show potential to be a very patient person and, therefore, a sincere seeker.